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DFI nF4 Ultra-D Latest BIOS?

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Hi everyone


I am trying to flash to the latest official BIOS for my board (2005/11/14) but on the download page of the DFI website they only have a Winflash version of the BIOS?




1) Normally there is just a .zip file with the two files you need (AWDFLASH and the BIOS.bin) but there isn't one for 2005/11/14?


2) Also when you type a command like awdflash nf4ld310.bin /f


What does the /f on the end do? Is it necessary?


3) After you boot from the floppy should you copy the contents of the floppy to C: and then flash from there?



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Downloaded your bios and found the following.


Every thing is contained in the EXE file to make a bootable DOS floppy disk.


It includes a Autoexec.bat file that even loads it up for you automatically.


Just click on the EXE file where you down loaded it and it will promt you for a floppy disc.


It will copy all files to it.


Then just boot off of that floppy and you are good to go.

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I downloaded that too, you have to make a bootable floppy disk seperatly, it only has the flash and the bin file on it.

Is this how its done, its how I did my chaintech board



Do You want to Save Bios>>I Hit No and it flashes

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