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slipstreaming SP2 into XP

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Since SP2 was released there have been additional Updates released, you will want to add them to your Slipstream CD







Ive made several slipstreamed cd's including unattended install cd's using Nlite

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To suppliment the above:







The 2nd is the debug redist...

The 1st is the one you want.


I dn what is up with the 2nd one lol, since you can debug anyways, beats me.

Though those symbols come in handy for kernal debugging but I doubt you need those.


nLite I believe can make an iso, not sure really.

If so then I'm sure it can copy the bootsector off the original then.

Whatever though lol, tons of guides on that, just remember bbie if you need that...


Anyways dl the 1st link, that's the full redist, meaning it's sp2 for all builds of xp.

Not just your retail or oem ver ;).

Also, unlike the windows update crap you get, with this you get all updates.

Meaning your cd is gonna fully updated, not just partially with what you had installed in windows when going to the update site.


Good luck and all.

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For those of us who have SP2 on CD-ROM already, do the following to integrate SP2 with XP.


CD over to where you copied SP2 to your hard drive. Then replace the line:

"WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU /integrate:H:XP-CD"



"xpsp2.exe /o /n /integrate:H:XP-CD"


where "H:XP-CD" is the drive and folder you copied your XP CD-ROM files into.


/o = overwrite OEM files

/n = do not backup anything


Come to think of it, I probably did not have to copy my SP2 CD-ROM to disc at all. Probably could have run the integrate straight from the CD-ROM without copying it first. Doh!!! :)


Hope this helps ...

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