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BAH! Building a system and need advice!


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Hi all, this is my first post here, but i've been reading quite a bit since I've decided i'm pretty sure im going with the expert board coupled with the opteron 165.


Couple questions though. I'm not a huge overclocker, but I have done a fair amount of OC'ing. IS this a good cpu/mb combo for OC'ing? I don't want to spend crazy money, so i'm thinking of pairing it up with a 6800gs e-vga board. Ive seen some very good results when overclocking this card.


After these 3 parts im completely undecided. Could someone post the most user-friendly/overclockable memory? OCZ gold or G.Skill?


I also need a nice case and PSU. Seems like alot of people here use the OCZ 520w.


I have a HUGE problem when it comes to making choices, but i've decided after 3 days of looking, tonight or tomm i just need to make my decision :)


Any recommendations from you pros?

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