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SLI-DR EXPERT can't find molex...

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I just built the rig in my signature, and everything went fine using Ed's step by step guide and by exploring the posts. So first of all a big thanks goes out to everyone at DFI street, you guys are great! :nod: I just have one question....I can't find a molex connector anywhere on the board, so I am just wondering if I am blind? I hooked up the 24 pin power cable, and the 4pin(12v), as well as the 4pin(floppy) cable...but couldn't find the molex. Just need to know if I somehow missed it. Thanks in advance,

Rcynic :O

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Originally posted by Sharp

Does your power supply have an 8pin +12v connector?

If it does, use that instead of the 4pin +12v P4 connector.


Unfortuneately it only has the 4 pin +12v connector, but the manual shows it hooked up with one of those(4 pin) so its ok I guess...

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