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Looking at getting a 165 or a 148 and am not sure witch board


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Looking at getting a 165 or a 148. and i am not sure witch board to get.


Should i get the DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert or the




can any of you give me the quick and easy on witch one is better or rigt for me?


does the expert take a differet power supply?


last thing i wanted to ask was witch CPU is going to feel faster the 165 or 148 so far a few people on a different board have said the 165.


thanks for all your help love the dfi boards and looking forward to learning as much as i can here



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What are you going to be doing with it? What components do you plan on integrating?


And personally, the 165 may FEEL faster, but the 148 has great reviews, overclocks great, and is in the box I built for my gf's brother. I'd get the 148, it's $70 cheaper, and if your gaming, you won't really see any difference compared to a dual core 1.8Ghz, MAYBE a few more FPS, MAYBE.

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well i am unsure what board to get but this is what i am building i think


DFI board (witch ever you all recomend)

165 or 148

1gx2 gskill F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ *

WD raptor 150g*

EVGA 7800gt

Plextor PX-740A-BP-BL *

SB audigy *

danger den watercooling setup(this will be my second water cooled PC*

power supply is OCZ PowerStream OCZ520ADJSLI <--this right?


i have a little headway with money to play with but do not want to go up to much more in price parts with a * i already have i have no ordered the other parts yet


as for what ill be doing with it. world of warcraft, mmorpgs, Burning, photoshop some, video editing just a little bit of everything, surfing, thats about it


thanks guys


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