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Installing Windows Problems

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*Note, I have tried with the OCZ memory in dual channel and just a single stick of 256 PC 3200. Currently debugging with the generic stick of memory. BIOS has been cleared and optimal settings applied.


I am trying to install to a RAID 0 on the two WD HD's to no avail. I have read through at least a dozen threads and have followed how to install XP onto an Array or SATA drive. So all the obivious stuff has been done, I can install to one SATA drive, but that doesn't help me at all.


I also tried installing to on IDE drive, 10 gig quantum that has no bad sectors and fresh(ie, formatted(NTFS)). But I still get the BOOT DIST FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK PRESS ENTER or something along those lines.


I also have problems detecting the Pioneer DVD drive once in a while as well. It wont show up in the bios, but if I try to detect the DVD drive, it is hit and miss with the drive being detected or not.


Boot-up priority is






Also tried






Should I try a newer BIOS? Or does anyone else think I got a lemon. I had this problem before and all I did was update the bios, but now I'm not too sure that a BIOS flash will cure what ails this computer.

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