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Typical OCs for x2s?

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it seems that you didn't believe my numbers that much.

Maybe with the other better setups around you understand luck and expertise are the most important factors for OC. A lot of patience after that.


These memory timings can be tricky. Just now I was running 260x10 and decided to go back to 250x10 and the rig didn't boot. Started all over again for this setting.

I have 4 setups stored in my BIOS.

My setups:

250x10 (1.375*113%), CAS 3,3,5,3,7,12, CPC ON, 1CLK, no skew, 2.7v, 1:1 memory and HT x4

260x10 (1.475*110%), CAS 3,3,7,3,12,14, CPC ON, 1CLK, no skew, 2.7v +0.3v, 1:1 memory and HT x4

280x9 (1.475*104%), CAS 3,3,5,3,7,12, CPC ON, 1CLK, no skew, 2.6v, 180MHz memory and HT x3

290x9 (1.525*104%), CAS 3,3,8,3,10,14, CPC ON, 1CLK, no skew, 2.7v +0.3, 180MHz memory and HT x3




What numbers where you talking about? This is a first post I saw hard numbers, lol :)


Thanks, btw. I am not sure if I can do that as well.


Anyways, I dunno how to even begin playing around with the "other memory timings". Afterall, most of us only know of the 4 that they use to advertise memory. those are documented highly well online.


The Overclockers guide did explain them but still not sure where to start, which setting to play wth first, what it should b set to start, etc.


Thanks for all the replys. Sorry I have been busy with work lately never got a chance to go "foruming". :)

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They make a 3800 Toledo?



Yeah, I've got a Toledo 3800+ X2. However, half the cache is disabled so you only get 512K cache anyway. They do seem to overclock pretty well though. I'm running mine at 2.7Ghz on 1.525vcore.

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to get to those memory settings, I first upgraded my BIOS to use OCZ Tonys versions, in my case 704-2BTa. Most of the timmings I've mentioned were already set, I just took some time to understand each one of them and what were the parameter effects in performance and stability.

There is a nice guide to Memory BIOS timmings in this forum .

I believe my settings for the 2600MHz are:


Genie BIOS Page


HT 260MHz

Mult. x10

HT mult x4


CPU+Vid 1.450v*113% (runs at 1.62v) HOT

DRAM V 2.7v

DRAM +0.3v Enable

Chipset 1.6v

LDT 1.3v



Dram Frequency Set(Mhz) 200

Command Per Clock(CPC) Enable

CAS Latency Control(tCL) 3

RAS# to CAS# Delay(tRCD) 3

Min RAS# Active Timing(tRAS) 7

Row Precharge Timing(tRP) 3

Row Cycle Time(tRC) 12

Row Refresh Cycle Time(tRFC) 24

Row to Row Delay (tRRD) 3

Write Recovery Time(tWR) 3

Write to Read Delay(tWTR) 2

Read to Write Delay(tRTW) 3

Refresh Period(tREF) 3128

Write CAS# Latency(tWCL) 1

DRAM Bank Interleave Enable

DQS Skew Control Auto

DQS Skew Value 0

DRAM Drive Strength Lvl 7

DRAM Data Drive Strength Lvl 3

Max Async Latency 7.0

*DRAM Response Time Normal

Read Preamble Time Auto

Idle Cycle Limit 256

Dynamic Counter Disable

R/W Queue Bypass 16x

Bypass Max 4x

32 Byte Granulation Dis(4)


Anything I can help just ask.



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Dude, you're awesome. :) I'll give them a try when I get back.


BTW, I have an Expert - would that change things? A_G even says that the Expert's memory timings would not co-inside with Ultras or SLI-DRs.


And currently i have the latest BIOS for the Expert.

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Not that much.

In the memory settings, try using the Auto for the options below because I believe your memory is not TCCD based like mine:

DQS Skew Control Auto

DQS Skew Value 0

DRAM Drive Strength Auto or Lvl 8

DRAM Data Drive Strength Auto or Lvl 3

Max Async Latency 8 or Auto


*** Auto is not a relaxed setting that always works, sometimes the Auto settings put some impossible to handle numbers in your specific OC condition.



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Wow some great numbers being posted. I have had three dual core opterons and two of them found the sweet spot at 2.5 running around 1.375-1.4 volts. They would both run at 2.6 but required more than 1.450 volts to prime and I didn't see the point in pushing them for 100mhz. The third one is the only chip I have ever RMA'ed, it required extra voltage to run prime at 2.3 being an opteron 175 built in week 0541. All of the above mentioned chips are 175's. All of the chips seem to hit a wall on air cooling 200mhz after you start upping the voltage similar to the three single core opterons I have had. All three single cores I have had would run on default voltage at 10x275 but started requiring voltage to run at 2.8 but only 1.4-1.425 so I still have one running 24/7 at 10x280 in one of my machines. I purchased an fx-60 just because I wanted to run dual core at 2.8 without a problem which my fx-60 will do. Keep in mind that I won't go over 1.5 volts on one of these chips and from what I have seen usually on air cooling going over that point does very little.

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I own a 4200 x2 but i'm scared to add too much voltage, i'm water cooling with the swiftech apex ultra plus so temps are good on the expert.

i've converted from intel to AMD about two weeks ago but i've learnt how to O/C these great CPU's and also noticed that RAM problems or limits can be the CPU itself becuase of the intergrated controller.


so what s the max voltage anyone should put onto their dual core, temps aside, what would you think would be a safe max voltage, i know the answers will be opinions and if i'm not willing to kill the CPU then i shouldnt o/c but at the moment i'm stuck at 236x11 1:1 4.5v or 260x10 9:10 1.5v which gives me 2.6Ghz, 400Mhz O/C

so would 1.65v be the max and 1.6v be the safe max and the 1.55v the general prefered max?

considering Intels wont do that kind of voltage % (1.325v- 1.65v) without burning out in a day or so, typically.


i love my AMD and DFI expert :sweat:

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60c will kill an X2... what r u doin goin that high r u mad
Talkin to me? I dont see anyone else here but me. :P

if so, i'm at 25 degrees idle and 30 degrees load

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