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Friends New Comp


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Ok friend of mine put together his new comp only to find it doesnt work. (at least he thinks it doesnt) I wasnt there to help him put it together but i wonder if any of u would have any ideas.


Intel Pentium 4 (800 FSB) Motherboard Model D875PBZLK Retail


CPU:Supports Intel Pentium 4 processor with a 533/800MHz (mPGA478-pin)Supports Hyper-threading

Chipset: Intel 875P

IDE:2x IDE with Ultra DMA 33 and ATA-66/100 support

RAM:4x 184-pin DIMM connect, Double Data Rate DDR266/DDR333/DDR400 support

Slots:1 x AGP 8X, and 5 x PCI

Ports:2xPS2, 4x USB, (see pics)

Onboard SATA:2

Onboard LAN: Gigabit 10/100/1000 Intregrated


GEIL 512MB(2x256MB) PC-3200 (400MHz) Dual DDR RAM,




Ok here is what it does after u press power the lights come on the fans twirl and thats it. There is no display (he tested the monitor on his old computer and it works) no sound, and well nothing. He took out the ram to see if the mobo would beep but nothing happened did the same thing it did with the ram in. I told him its a bad mobo but anyone think its somthing else?

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okay, I know I've posted this before. steps to testing a mobo.


1: remove it from the case, place board on ESD bag, ontop of the box (allowing you to put your vid card in. this rules out improper grounding


2: test power suply, you can use a volt meter, or my favorite the antec ps tester ($10 part at most computer shops).


3: fire up the system. if it fails keep going


4: try another cpu (sorry OC16 but a bad cpu can cause the same thing on an intel board).


5: if that doesn't help the board is toast

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Well im emailing him the stuff u guys suggested he should be joining the forums in a day or two to sort out his own problems lol. well he knows it isnt the psu so it rules that out and it ost likely isnt the graphics card so i think my bets on the mobo but u never know.

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