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New System Build

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I am Wanting to build a new system and would like some advice on components that will be compatible with each other.

I already have a Coolermaster Stacker.

and an Opteron 144 939 cpu.


I am thinking of buying the DFI expert......good choice ?


I am also thinking of buying G.Skill HZ 2gb kit.....Or maybe the mushkin red line...any opinions on any of them?


Also I would like a suitable PSU with enough power to run a X1900XT......thinking of perhaps

700W or the 600W FSP Epsilon..........600w Seasonic S12-600.........660W Enermax EPS12V EG851AX-VH....or the 600W Enermax Noisetaker.

Opinions please.


And heat sink and fan suitible for that board.


Thanks in advance.

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on this forum are sticky's which can help you chosing memory, PSU etc. for your new expert. also there is a stock stable settings database for memory. and a overclock database if you wan't to checkout how others did and with what hardware they did it with.


stock settings database


overclocking database


psu guide


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I would go with the G.Skill Ram (Samsung UCCC). The Redline´s are Infineon chips (maybe I´m wrong but don´t think so...), they oc nicely but have problems with stability in 3D usage (gaming).

The x1900xt (or xtx :drool: ) is a nice card!

OCZ PowerStream 520 is an excellent choice too, it will give you all the power you need; but not really silent (ok, I´ m on water).


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