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Linux Shellscripting ?...


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I was just thinking... Ive heard about shellscripting

and such but I never actually have tried

making any scripts... but would it be relatively easy

to make certain scripts like an unzip script that

you could type something like 'uzip filename.extension'

uzip being your script and then the filename and have

the script through if statements detect what the file

extention is and perform a untar (tar zxvf) or unzip

a bz2 file all by itself??? same w/ something

like typing '3stepinstall' or something and having it

execute ./configure, make, make install ???

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I use various scripts, you could use perl scripts or little C/C++ progs.


One thing I do frequently is create scripts for using ssh for example.


ssh -l root -X


thats a kinda long command to keep on typing, so instead I wrote a script by simply putting that command in it and calling the script server.sh, then running it will execute the above command.


You can also write perl scripts and execute them using perl script.pl, but you would have to learn perl first.


Take a look at this HOWTO http://home.echo-on.net/~hgibson/UnixComma...ne-HOWTO-7.html


It has some info on scripting.

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