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Article -- Pinczakko's Guide to Award BIOS Patching

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Maybe some of you interested to read it :wink: .

link: Pinczakko's Guide to Award BIOS Patching




Table of Contents


1. Introduction


2. Modbin Internals


3. System-BIOS Patching Ninjutsu

3.1. The Secret Of The Sharingan

3.1.1. Byte Patterns a.k.a Signatures of Binary Files

3.1.2. Attacking With Sharingan

3.2. Case 1: Sharingan Attack to The EPA Procedure

3.3. Case 2: Sharingan Attack to The Clock Generator Initialization Routine


4. Generic System-BIOS Patching Ninjutsu


5. References




It also contains a little explanation on the clock-generator initialization routine. Maybe this part is interesting for overclocker's around here eventhough it's not as complete as you might expect :wink: . The presentation maybe a bit weird though. But yeah, I just want to say something about BIOS modding :lol:


Anyway, to mods. I don't know if this post is exactly belongs to this group, but the article speaks quite a lot about clock-generator and BIOS modding, so I think this is the right place. However, if you would like to relocate it, it's up to you to decide.




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