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Xp & 2003 Server Problems...


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hi guys! :rolleyes:


I have 3 problems...so let's start


1. Windows File Protection.

every second time I boot my XP SP1, W.F.P. windows pop-ups, and warn me that I must instert my XP SP1 cd into drive to restore some original files. OK. I do it. But the problem persists.....



2. Windows Update

I try to update my XP SP1 through windows update site, and all I get is infinite loop. First it goes: "Checking for the latest version of the Windows Update software..." and then "New Windows Update Software Required" saying: "The Windows Update site has been updated. To update your version of the software and begin using Windows Update, click Update Now." I click the button, and after few seconds, page reloads...probably failing to install that update for some reason :angry::bah:


3. Windows XP Drivers

I want to migrate to 2003 Server, but I have one problem. It doesn't recognize my 3com US Robotics 56k internal WinModem. XP and 2k have built in drivers for this one, and I can't find anything that matches my device on the internet. I've tried with drivers for sportser and all other kind of USR modems, but all I've got is 0. So I have an idea, I want to pull out the XP driver, but the problem is how? I found some program, DriverExtractor, but it's only for Windows 9x. I'm trying manualy but I'm way out of solution...anyone has any ideas? thanx :(


greetings from croatia.

Live long and prosper.

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