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Can someone review my BIOS specs ?

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Hello everyone.


Recently I have purchased and assembled my new gaming rig. I’m having some performance problems when playing video games. For instance in BattleField2 I get kicked out of the servers sometimes, and I’m 90% sure that the problem is with my new HW, and not with my network connection or router.


This is what I have as HW








OCZ EL Platinum PC3200 2GB 2X1GB DDR400 CL2-3-2-5 184PIN Pin Dual Channel Memory Kit /W Ramsink




AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Dual Core Processor S939 Manchester 2Ghz 512KBX2 90NM Retail Box


Video card:


EVGA E-GEFORCE 7800GT CO PCI-E 256MB 256BIT GDDR3 Dual DVI-I HDTV VIVO SLI Ready Video Card Retail



Here are my BIOS settings.


I took the defaults, and edited just a few of the selections such as the SATA RAID settings and PCIEx (video section)


Can anyone check my BIOS settings (video and Genie BIOS section) and let me know if I have any kind of problems or conflicts. Also, if there’s any kind of optimal memory settings, I would appreciate


Thanks so much in advance.


::::: Standard CMOS Features


Halt on 			All, Buy Keyboard

::::: Advanced BIOS Features


> Hard Disk Boot Priority

 - 1. SCSI-0

 - 2. SCSI-2

 - 3. SCSI-2

 - 4. Bootable Add-in Cards

CPU Inernal Cache		Enabled

External Cache			Enabled

Quick Power On Self Test	Enabled

First Boot			Hard Disk

Second Boot			CDROM

Third Boot			Disabled

Boot other Other Device		Enabled

Swap Floppy Drive		Disabled

Boot Up Floppy Seek		Disabled

Boot Up NumLock Status		On

Typematic Rate Settings		Enabled

Typematic Rate (Char/Sec)	30

Typematic Delay (Msec)		250

Security Option			Setup

APIC Mode			Enabled

MPS Version Control for OS	1.4

OS Slect for DRAM > 64MB	Non-OS2

HDD S.M.A.R.T. Capability	Disabled

Delay for HDD (Secs)		0

Full Screen LOGO Show		Disabled

::::: Advanced Chipset Features


Errata 94 Enhancement		Disabled

Errata 123 Enchancement		Auto

CPU Spread Spectrum		Disabled

SATA Spred Spectrum		Disabled

PCIE Spread Spectrum		Disabled

SSE/SSE2 Instructions		Enable

CPU Thermal-Throttling		50%

Memory Hole for PCI MMIO 	Disabled

System BIOS Cacheable		Enable

SLI Broadcast Aperature		Disabled

::::: Integrated Peripherals


> IDE Dunction Setup

 - OnChip IDE Channel0		Enabled

 - Primary Master PIO		Auto

 - Primary Slave PIO		Auto

 - Primary Master UDMA		Auto

 - Primary Slave UDMA		Auto

 - OnChip IDE Channel1		Enabled

 - Secondary Master PIO	Auto

 - Secondary Slave PIO		Auto

 - Secondary Master UDMA	Auto

 - Secondary Slave UDMA	Auto

 - IDE DMA transfer access	Enabled

 - IDE Prefech Mode		Enabled

 - IDE HDD Block Mode		Enabled


 - RAID ENable 		Enabled

 - .etc.

OnChip USB			V1.1.+V2.0

USB Memory Type			SHADOW

USB Keyboard Support		Disabled

USB Mouse Support		Disabled

USB Park Mode			Disabled

USB TD Reads			ISO Queue

USB Periodic Data Reads		non-ISO Queue

AC97 Audio			Auto

x Power On By Button		Enabled

Power on by Mouse		Disabled

Power on by Keyboard		Disabled

x KB Power ON Password		Enter

x Hoy Key Power ON		Ctrl-F1

Onboard FDC Controller		Enabled

Onboard Serial Port 1		3F8/IRQ4

Onboard IRDA Select		Auto

IR Mode Select			Auto

UR2 Duplex Mode			Half

:::::  Power Management Setup 


ACPI function 			Enabled

ACPI Suspend Type		S1&S2

Power Management		User Define

Video Off Method		DPMS Support

HDD Power Down			Disabled

HDD Down in Suspend		Disabled

Soft-Off by PBTN		Instant-Off

WOL(PME#) From Soft-Off		Disabled

WOL(RI#) From Soft-Off		Disabled

MAC Resume from S4/S5		Enabled

Power-on by Alarm		Disabled

PROWN After PWR-Fail		Off

:::::  PnP/PCI Configuration


Init Dislay First 		PCIEx

Reset Configuation Data		Enabled

Resources Controlled by		Auto(ESCD)

x IRQ Ressources		Press Enter

PCI/VGA Pallete Snoop		Disabled

** PCI Express relative items **

Maximum Payload Size		4096

:::::  Genie BIOS Settings


> DRAM Configuration

 - DRAM Frequency Set (MHz)	By DRAM SPD Value

 - Command Per Clock (CPC)	Auto

 - CAS Latency Control (Tcl)	Auto

 - RAS# to CAS# active time 	Auto

 - Min RAS# active time	Auto

 - Row percharge time		Auto	

 - Row cycle time		07 Bus Clocks

 - Row refresh cyc time	Auto

 - Row to row delay		02 Bus Clocks

 - Write recovery time		02 Bus Clocks

 - Write to read delay		02 Bus Clocks

 - Read to Write delay		03 Bus Clocks

 - Refresh period delay	03 Bus Clocks

 - Refresh period		3120 Cycles

 - Write CAS latency		Auto

 - DRAM Blank Interfleave 	Enabled


 - DQS Skew Control		Auto

 - DQS Skew Value		0	 

 - DRAM Drive Strenght		Auto

 - DRAM Data Drive Strenght	Auto

 - DRAM Response Time		Fastest

 - Read Preamble Time		Auto

 - IdleCycle Limit 		256 Cycles

 - Dynamic Counter		Disable

 - R/W Queue Bypass		16 X

 - Bypass Max			07 X

 - 32 Byte Granularity		Disable(4 Bursts)

FSB Bus Frequency		200 MHZ

LTD/FSB Frequency Ratio		Auto

LTD Bus Transfer Width		down 16 up 16

CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio		Auto

PCI eXpress Frequency		100MHz

K8 Cool'n'Quiet Support		Disable

x Cool'n'Quiet MAX FID		Auto

CPU VID Startup Value		StartUp

CPU Core Voltage 		1.35V

LTD Bus Voltage			1.24V

Chip Set Voltage		1.54V

DRAM 2.5 Voltage		2.72V

CPU VID Control			Auto

CPU VID Special Control		Auto

LTD Voltage Coltrol		1.20 V

Chip Set Voltage Control	1.52 V

DRAM Voltage Control		2.66 V

PCI eXpress Configuration	2-1-1-16

Dual 6600GT Card Support	Disabled

Mac LAN				Auto

Mac Media Interface		Pin Strap

Machine MAC(NV) Address		Disabled

x MAC(NV) Address Input		Press Enter <disabled>

MAC Lan Boot ROM		Disabled

Internal Phy SATA 1/2		Enabled

Internal Phy SATA 3/4		Enabled

SiI3114 S-ATA RAID Control 	SATA RAID 0,1,0+1,5

VIA 1394 Control		Enabled

MARVELL Giga LAN Control	Eanbled

Run MemTest86+			Disabled



I'm going to try these settings given by Durhamskin in a previous post, see if it makes any difference... buy someone PLEASE take a look at my other settings, especially the video section.




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DRAM Frequency 166

CPC Enable

Tcl 2.5

Trcd 03 Bus Clocks

Tras 08

Trp 03

Trc 13

Trfc 16

Trrd 03

Twr 03

Twtr 02

Trwt 03

Tref Auto

Twcl Auto

DRAM Bank interleave Enabled

DQS Skew Control Auto

DQS Skew Value 0

Ram DLL Speed Auto

DRAM drive strength Auto

DRAM data drive strength Auto

Max Async Latency Auto

DRAM Response time Fast

Read Preamble time Auto

idlecycle limit 256 cycles

Dynamic Counter disable

R/W Queue Bypass 16X

Bypass Max 07X

32 Byte Granularity Disable(4 Bursts)

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