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Max safe voltage for opty 148 and AS5 performance


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Hey guys, what do you think is the max safe voltage for an opty 148 with cheap aircooling and as5?


Also, I had Arctic alumina on for a while, cleaned the processor/heatsink with 92% rubbing alcohol and applied as5. Temps seem to have gone up from 54C to 55-56C under prime load at 1.55v and 3005MHz under prime95 small fft. I have heard as5 needs to be broken in under load and at room temperatures I am hoping this is the reason. I had applied the alumina in an even, thin sheet covering the entire IHS, while with the AS5 I applied the 3/4 size BB pellet and then rotated the heatsink slightly as instructed by Arctic. What do you guys think?

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