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memory: why bother

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I have read the sticky, not sure if i understand it though.

It states that it does not matter weather you run the memory at 1.1 Or you use dividers as long as you get there.

So why would people buy ddr 500 and try to get 1.1 when you may as well just get ddr 400 with better latency and use dividers.


I am wanting to buy some memory and not sure which to buy.

I have an opty 144 which as you know has a 9x multiplyer so i need to push the fsb quite far,

was going to buy G.Skill 4000 2x1gb and run 1.1 as high as possible for gaming and the like, now not sure weather to buy ddr 400 with better timmings and use dividers.

Just a thought, would ddr500 run better than ddr 400 both using dividers both at the same FSB but obviously divided differently?

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well running 1:1 is always going to get you better benches, although maybe not a real world diff. alot of people only use divider when there mem is holding back there oc. i run my mem 1:1 cause its my proc thats walled, not my mem. as far as why people buy ddr500 mem, its simple. they're GUARANTEED that speed. and buying components that are faster guaranteed is better than buying something and hoping it will run out of spec without casuing you issues.

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