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2 Questions: Will this ram OC well with my PC. Best heatsink/fan?


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1. Hey there I was wondering what of the following ram would OC best in my system, which is also listed below the ram.


Ocz Gold edition ddr500


Mushkin eXtreme performance ddr500


Would be a good OC ram for my system, if not reccomend some ram for me. Im planning on this system:


OCZ PowerStream 520W

DFI Lan Party nf4 SLI-DR

AMD Opteron 148 Venus 1GHz FSB Socket 939

eVGA Geforce 7800GT 256MB

Lian Li Computer Case

Maxtor DiamondMax 250GB

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS GAMER Limited Edition


I want absolute best heatsink. Reccomend the best. I want the heatsink that can make my cpu the coldest not the quietest. Thanks loads

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Both of those kits of memory should be ok. I have the heatsink/fan in link posted below and my 3700+ idles at 28C/29C and 40C/42C full load after 5 hours. It's not big and bulky either. In the summer my 3700+ should idle around 34C/35C as my 3200+ idled at 33C/34C in the summer. My air conditioning was set on 68 - 70F and my system is upstairs.



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