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Anybody have a Matrix Orbital..?

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Hi guys..


I'm looking to add a Matrix Orbital to my case.. I looked in the web site but there are so many tyoes of displays..

I just want to display my cpu speed, temps and some simple things..

I looked at the manuals too, but seems I have to program them manually by myself... do i have to?

Is there any simpler way that I can display whats in MBM5 dashboard on the lcd display?

If somebody has one, can you please tell me briefly how I can use the lcd.. and also a good model..


Thanks guys..!

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yo yo yo! You'll love it.

I'm running a Matrix Orbital MX421 (the 4 line)


You would not believe the stuff this puppy can display

Some samples of the "Virtual display" are here.




I have it set up to go through like 25 screens so if you need a config file for a 4 line display I got your back. It may be easier to delete the ones you don't want than to config it yourself. (unless you are a nerd of course)


It runs on the MO display as well as your desktop if you want. Max nerdiness :D


You can still download a 30 day trial and just run it on your desktop if you wish for testing purposes. PM me with your email address. Phone too if in US or Canada. I can send you the file and you can play before you pay.


The LCDC software is $9.95 alone or with a standard display but IS included on the MX models. (go for the 4 line if you got the space.)


some pics in the Wavemaster as well http://www.uploadit.org/gallery/13844


Oh yeah, I do have it dialed into MBM5 :)

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Hi.. Thanks Blooz1..

I did have a loook at it and the file.. But I cannot understand how I can integrate MBM5 with the MX...

I read the manual of the MX, but It doesnt say anything like that..

Also there are lots of versions.. I'm interested in a character LCD display..

Anybody using one please give me some advise...

Thanks a lot guys..!

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HI soundx98.. thanks for the reply..

I did goto that site...hmmm... didnt see anything regarding the MX....

I'm sorry to bother like this..

do I need a special plugin from the MBM5..?

Does MX need a LDCD file..?

If i have a LDCD plugin can I use it..?

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Matrix Orbital makes the LCD displays - www.matrixorbital.com

MO tech support and downloads here - www.matrixorbital.ca

But it needs software to run, LCDC offers it here - www.lcdc.cc

3rd party plug-ins are here - www.plasticrandom.com


You can't do anything without a software program, but there is a trial software as I stated. You pretty much have to customize everything. But it's far easier than it looks. I'm no brainiac by a long stretch :)


Feel free to ask questions in the forum or PM (keep them long and detailed as I only have 30 and the box fills up fast). May as well download the trial and muck around for a bit.

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I went to have a look at the LDCD site...

Just wondering.. is LDCD like a programming software..?

I didnt find any products like that....hmmm...

Really excited about this.. cant wait to get them..

thanks for all the help..!

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