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Trader of the Week #3 - OOZ's "For Sale" thread + WTB (check

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*** Shipping is extra unless mentioned in the description***



PICS for the items: *** PICS ***


1) Marvel comics presents: Wolverine (comic books) - almost full series (missing 3 or 4 issues) - $140: http://www.milehighcomics.com/cgi-bin/back...59310&snumber=1


2) 3x1 gb DDR2 desktop ram (ddr5300), brand new - $15 each


3) 2x1gb DDR2 laptop ram (ddr5300), used - $35


4) Used desktop PC (less than 2 years old) - $300:

Asus A8N-E

AMD64 Venice 3200

XP-90 with Panaflo fan

2x512mb Patriot XBLK (TCDD sticks)

Sapphire X1800XL (256mb)

120gb Maxtor DiamondMax 10

Lite-On DVD player

OCZ Modstream 450w (modular)

Black Cooler Master Cavalier

Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse

Mag 17" LCD monitor


5) Delta AFB1212VHE PC case fans: I have 5x120mm delta fans (model number AFB1212VHE). These are brand new/OEM fans with 2-pin (black and red) connections. 130cfm @ 48dbA - what else should I say... I used my fans (not the ones that I am selling) with the sunbeam rheobus and they worked great. PS: I don't recommend you to connect them directly to your mobo - rather use your fan controller or buy necessary cable to use it with your psu (3 pin to molex adaptor will work) - $10 each


6) Anti-virus and anti-spyware software (all brand new):

a) McAfee VirusScan Plus > $10

B) McAfee PC Protection Plus > $15

c) McAfee Internet Security Suite > $20

d) McAfee Internet Security Suite 3 User > $25

e) McAfee Total Protection 3 User > $25

f) Norton Antivirus 2007 > $15

g) Norton Internet Security > $25

h) Norton Confidential > $15

i) CA Internet Security Suite 2007 > $10

j) CA AntiVirus 2007 > $10

k) CA Internet Security Suite 2007 3 User > $15

l) CA AntiVirus 2007 3 User > $10


7) Polk audio C500.1 car subwoofer amp (used) - $150: http://www.polkaudio.com/caraudio/products/amps/c500_1/


8) Rockford fosgate punch 12" he car subwoofer with enclosure (nice carpet) (used) - $80. Buy both sub + amp together and I will add brand new 10-Gauge 200W Complete Car Amp Kit.



Let me know. Thanks.


heatware: ooztuncer 48-0-0

ebay: portlandfatihi 88-0-0

head-fi: ooztuncer 25-0-0

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The Holton model ST550 silver is a student trumpet and was designed in collaboration with trumpet great Maynard Ferguson. Its responsive easy-blowing characteristics, great projection and its large, full tone make it easily mistaken for a professional horn.” http://www.gleblanc.com/instruments/query.cfm?model=ST550 (note: this link will take you to the official web site so that you can check the specs for a new one)


I am not the first owner of this beauty. I purchased it 2.5 years ago and, regrettably, used it less then 10 times. I am an enthusiast and love this one very much; however it is getting dusty in my hands. This is a very good horn and very responsive across most registers.


The condition of the trumpet is very good. The silver plating produces a brighter sound that is more open and tends to protect the instrument longer. Valve pistons move extremely fast and smooth, with no jerks or sluggish responses. They are free from corrosion and kept well oiled. Lead pipe is free from dents. 1st valve slide has a U-hook and moves freely. Likewise, the main tuning slide has lots of room for your convenience.


Sadly this beautiful horn has two dents, one with 0.9 inches length and the other with 0.5. Both of them are just under the MF logo. Please e-mail me for pictures. In addition, third valve slide do not move. I bought the trumpet in this condition and did not repaired, but I am enjoying the tone and the great sound coming from the instrument. I know I am not a maestro but I assure you that there is nothing wrong with the toning.


Along with the horn, you will also get original Holton MF550 case with red velvet interior and a 7C mouthpiece. But I strongly encourage you to get your own mouthpiece. In my case, I always used my Bach 1-1/4C mouthpiece. In addition, I am going to include almost new (used twice) Yamaha Brass Care Kit with Yamaha valve oil, slide grease, flexible cleaning rod, brass mouthpiece brush, polishing cloth, valve casing cleaning rod, and valve casing brush.


Viva Maynard Viva Ferguson


I love Maynard Fergueson. I've acutally played with him a few times when he was in Connecticut. It was years ago when he was able to outblow his lead trumpets :sweat: Caravan, Fox Hunt, and Birdland are some of my favorite songs!

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