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First Thing You Install On New Build?

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This is what I do.


First I install the drivers. If you can download the latest versions and make a cd, as you want to avoid the outdated versions that'll be on the installation cd's. Get the latest reference file for your antivirus too. I install the drivers in the order of directx9, nf4/system, graphics, and my adsl modem last. I Check device manager at this point to see if theres anything else that needs drivers.


Then I install the antivirus, and update it to get it protected before going online and running windows update.


The anti virus is especially important if you're using an old xp cd, that doesn't have service packs, because you WILL be attacked with all sorts of crap the moment you go online. If your cd has got windows firewall installed already that should stop most of the crap during the early stages.


Once you're online with all the drivers installed I'd install , sandra lite, river tuner, mbm5 (using this guide http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...&highlight=mbm5) 3dmark05 and occt. Give all of them a run and make sure everything is looking like it should. Those are the programs I use, theres are plenty of alternatives though.... everyones got their favorites.


After thats done. If everythings good.... PLAY GAMES!!!! :nod: (and run prime95 at bedtime ;))

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