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NF4 Expert memory devider problems.

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Im having some trouble with my memory deviders on this board.


If I set my mem to 200mhz 1/1 and my fsb to 250mhz the my system reports the memory is running at 237mhz.


If I just set the memory devider to 250mhz and leave my fsb at 200mhz my system reports my memory is running at 130mhz. Funny thing is my POST screen reports the memory is DDR500, but windows shows only 130mhz(DDR260).


Does anyone know anything about this issue?

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My mistake. I found the solution to my problem. I've had an A64 system for almost 2 years now and have never overclocked on a .5 multiplier.


This is from an A64 overclocking guide on this forum. :sweat:



**Important note**

On all a64 systems it is not recommended to use half multipliers ( i.e. 8.5,9.5,10.5) because this will put your ram on a ratio which means it will be running slower then you think and not the same as you have your HTTFSB set to no matter what..

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