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CPU HeatSink?

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They all are not the same. Every single 1 is diffrent.I have a 2600+ really nifty on vcore til' I get past 2500mhz Then it turns into an real oinker.(Heh) Mine will do 2.6ghz. But some will go 2.7+ I've seen 1 do 2.8+ on air.

I fellow here has a 2500 that does nearly [email protected] vcore.(Mine needs 1.95) They are all diffrent each 1 seems to have a personality of it's own. Some 2500s can out clock mine some can't.Some 2600s can others can't Getting to know each 1 and using it's charactoristics to your best advantage is what overclocking is all about. You may get a 2500 that'll do [email protected] But you may get 2600 that does only 2450 and needs 1.95vcore to do that. So you spend your money,and like the rest of us hope for the best. the 2800 and 3000 mobile I think they have about the same storey. I really don't know almost everyone here uses 2500-2600 xp-m's theres a reason for that.(They're the best)

Edit: I have seen a 2400' Elsewhere do 10x250 on an a7n8x-x . That a tougher OC than a LPA . Well Good-luck with what-ever you do I'm sure you'll be happy."Clay"

Edit2: Here's a fast mobile: :drool:


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