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Nforce4 Chipset overheating

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Hi, I recently brought a DFI Expert board, and after a couple of days noticed that the chipset was overheating, so I removed the board and took of the HS&F I noticed under the fan there was a tab between the chip it self and the heasink which had writen all over it "pull tab here" :confused: , anyway I took that out and thought that may of curred my problem, I decided to remove the thermal pad and AS5 it before replacing th HS&F, however acording to MBM5 my NF4 chipset is still idleing at 49oC :confused:.


I understand that some people were having heat issues with this board, but my CPU and PWMIC seem to be reporting correctly.


I have read AG's instructions on removing the thermal pad and replaing with a paste of my choice to the letter.


Any help on this subject would be much appreciated.

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Mine is around 48C as well. Also, it has been noisy lately (loader whirring). Any way to make it more quiet?


easy solution, which might make it cooler also, vantec iceberq vga fans. they fit fine on the board and are alot quieter. gonna replace mine on my ultra-d with it

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