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New Maxtor 320gb SATA need help

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Buddies system Im trying to get started

nf4 Expert

4400+ Toledo

2x1gb Ballistix Tracers

Seasonic 600w

Maxtor 320gb Diamondmax10 sata

pioneer dvd

xfx 7800gtx

xp home



Anyway, having a hard time getting it started, once i did get it into the windows install it hangs up when I am at the partition page... Any help??

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The Maxtor and nForce4 incompatibility is quite famous around here.. But seems doesn't happen to everybody, BUT there is a problem. Specially with DiamondMax 9/10.

Are you using SATAII mode?

Try changing it to SATAI mode.. I had the same problem when the jumper was in SATAII mode.. If that doesnt help, try plugging the cable to ports 3 or 4.

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i got 2 SATA maxtor 80Gb DM9 here and its been working fine for 1 month in raid ) then last week, its startd to screw up and i have install windows a couple time, now the hard drive is corrupting files and windows dont boot any more


im going to test my both hard drive in a friend Intel Box to see if the pass the powermax test


maybe gonna update my PSU since its a bit cheap


i have post on another forums and i already have the lastest frimwire for the DM9 HDD so i donnu what does the screwing . in my box yet


nay ideas???

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I read that the hard drive firmware update has not fixed the issue for everyone that is seeing problems. it may still be the Maxtor DM series vs NF4 problem manafesting itself differently. Good luck!


Also, I tried putting my Maxtor DM9 on the SI SATA controller, set that controller to just SATA in the BIOS, and the Windows installer again said no hard disk found! I have no freaking idea now...are those controllers jumped to a SATA-II setting by default that can be changed to SATA-I? If so, please PM me!


Guess I'll try my 120GB PATA hard disk and see if it works

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