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I have 3 Hard drives 1 optical (What is the best config?)

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I have 3 120 Western Digitals 1 Benq DW1640


No Raid just basic ide setup.


Now i have ide one (Master HDD Slave HDD)

ide two (Master Optical Drive Slave HDD)

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The configuration on the IDE controllers is fine.


On IDE-0 configure both drives for RAID-0

On IDE-1 Master: Optical is Fine, Slave: Use this HD for the Windows Swap File and for backups.


Recommended SATA Drives

4x Hitachi 80GB 7200RPM SATA-2 in RAID 0


Approx Total Cost: $230


Then sell the 3 120GB WDs to a friend to recoup the cost of the SATA Drives.

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