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WOW XP-90 is cooling GREAT!

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can thios be right? I use the X2 4400+ stock heatpipecooler and that performs better and is quiet as well. BTW. My cpu is ocd to 2700Mhz at 1.45v.



I dont know, im not too sure about the xp90 i mean... right now i am using it wit as5, my cpu is kind of in the idle state, winamp playing, smartgardian, msn, and notepad.. and my cpu is 38c, PWMIC 40c, and chipsed 51c. I have 2 120mm fan Intake, and 1 120mm fan outtake. i assume that without the xp90 temps could be higher, but i dont think its worth for a normal use. during load my cpu temp reaches 53c.

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