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so here's a thread for everyone to just ask anything they want


you can ask me, or momma, or both of us


some subjects we won't answer...thats just the way it is, but most subjects we have an opinion on (and that is what you are asking...for our opinion on something)





what is so special about me or momma that makes our opinion worthy????



absolutely nothing



but I get all kinds of crazy questions every day from all kinds of odd people (some has to do with computer stuff, some doesn't have anything to do with computers).



I just thought maybe it would be interesting to see what kinds of questions some of you have, as well as what some of our answers might be.




Keep in mind I'm a pretty liberal (not THAT liberal lol) 32 year old male that lives in a very red state


momma is a 23 year old (happy bday momma!) pretty liberal college student that lives with me in a very red state


we like hockey, video games, and probably a lot of other stuff that no one cares about


we've answered all kinds of questions from tech stuff to love advice to some incredibly...strange things that aren't meant to be repeated in a forum that has rules against profanity and pornography hehe




our opinions are just that, so keep that in mind before you get all bent out of shape at some of the answers we might give someone (because I can guarantee already that there's already a few of you bent out of shape in anticipation of some damned answer we will give someone lol)




maybe if you ask a good enough question, you might get a prize...it might be a thumbtack...or a roll of duct tape...or an OCZ t-shirt, or a dead 3500+ Clawhammer, or a working-but-busted-up-pretty-bad 4400+ X2...or something I dunno


I got lots of junk to give away that other people covet that I never use and collects dust hehe




ask away

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The 64 millions dollar questions.


>How long can a 90nm AMD chip run at a 24/7 voltage of 1.65v before it craps out - frequency and heat not withstanding.


>Why is my chipset fan so loud and can I replace it? :shake:



If you can answer these, you'll make a whole lot of people happy and prevent a million entries into this forum DB. :sweat:


Of course you know I'm totally kidding here...

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Can ya get cable in the sticks in Idaho? How big of a city is Boise really? (I know not big like NYC/Philly) I don't mean in numbers of people which I could google for, I mean in feel? Why did you move to Idaho in the first place? Couldn't you have worked for DFI from anywhere? Do you really like Soviet hockey the best? If so, why?

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I gotta a question on love advice.


Me and my wife split in nov. After we did for about a month we hung out alot and it seemed like things we gonna work out. Well since new years that stopped and we barely speak. I saw her today and we talked a lil. I have been inviting her to my fav art museum for a while now and she finally told me why she wouldn't go. She say's she is afraid we would get back together. She says her heart says no but her brain says yes (kiinda confusing since it's normally the other way around). We are both seeing other people, but i know we both still feel for each other (been together almost 5.5 yrs. married for 2.5). I'm not trying to push her into a relationship or anything. I'm just trying to build a good friendship (something we had lost while we were still together) and maybe pursue things further later. A big thing i believe she is scared of is that i havent changed. (i think she believes i have, but she is upset because she think's its for my new g/f) I know we shouldn't try to be friends if we are not over each other, but it's hard to be without someone who you have loved and been with for so long. And if you could see the look in her eyes (which is hard for me to do since she almost refuses to look me in the eye's because she says it makes her want to kiss me) and just hear how she talks to me and says she misses me and things.


I would really appreciate and advice either of you can give on the subject.

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Guest thespin

Aren't you robbing the cradle there, Travis ?


And what's up with the change in ownership of this forum ? Who owns it now and is the new owner associated with Diamond Flower ? If so, how ?


And what's up with temperature sensor/bios fixes for the NF4 Expert ? Has the root problem been identified ? What's the timetable on a fix ?


And what in heck did whatshername throw off the Tallahachee bridge ?


And just how much would wood a wouldchuck chuck if a wouldchuck wood chuck would ? Should I get one to supply my fireplace or not ?


What's a good cure for the common cold ?


Will Hilary run in 2008 ? Will Condi ? Will you ?


What's the meaning of the Bradgelina phenomenon ? Will their baby really be adopted by a Thai couple ? What's the chances of Angelina adopting me if I move to an Asian or African country ? Would it improve if I register with an adoption agency ?


Just how much free time DO y'all have ?? :)

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