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Looking for good program to design a computer case.

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Like the title says, I am looking for a CAD program or something similar so that I can design a computer case in 3D. Any suggestions are appreciated. And cost is not an issue.

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Alibre? Uh, oh... with my experiences with Alibre, I'd get ANY other CAD.


Alibre Design.




Excellent design program without the steep learning curve, or price, as other packages.

BUT... with questionable results for mailbox. At least that was when I applied to their "free" CAD. Perhaps I missed the forced on-line registration/validation first and noticed it (from announcement for release and downloading/installing instructions) just before I installed the darn thing, when it later became available. Deleted the software and unsubscribed following the instructions to the letter. At this point I had already received a bunch of Alibre's ads (read: spam), but now things took worse course!


Alibre started to flood me with spam - Not only from one of their domains and not single copies! I had to remind them about possible outcome, before they bothered to even reply. Several mail exchanges later they acknowledged the situation and told they're going to remove me from their databases. No effect... until two similar rounds (read: X mails before getting reply and some more to make them to DO anything) later: Duplicates of their spam flood stopped. I really felt like they tried everything to keep my address as spammable as they could. Still, after that I was received ONE copy of their spam now and then... AND excuses like "We don't have your address in our databases any more", "What is your address?" and "We don't send spam - We're just informing you about our products", "sorry, but XZY was not responsible of mail sent to you, even while mail was signed with his name and address", etc.


It took a long time to finally solve this out. I get usually VERY small amount of spam - Even to my public addresses. Alibre sent multiple times more spam to me than the rest of the spammers at last year. Because of that, I will never use or recommend Alibre products. Ever!

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Sorry to hear about your experiences with Alibre. I have not had the same misfortune.


I have only received 10 e-mails from them.


- 2 registration

- 5 for the contest they were running

- 3 advertisements


That's it. Nothing more.


Their design software is extremely easy to use, comprehensive and costs much less then the competitors. Those are the main reasons I recommended their product.


If more cases come to light which clearly show Alibre is sending SPAM, then I will remove my recommendation.

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