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Mobo, bios or cpu?


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If I set FSB to 270+ my computer wont post, boot or anything...just black screen!


Is this due to my mobo, bios, cpu or a combination?


System in sign..

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My Vinnie handle 260-265x10 (x3) but not 280x9 (x3 and mem. divider))!?

I have seen people with my stepping hit 2.8Ghz+


If a set LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio x2 it result in a "cold boot"! :confused:


My memory kit handle ~280fsb in memtest! (3-4-4-8 1T)


My settings:


CPU Overclock in MHz = 255

Hammer Fid Control = X10

AGP Overclock in MHz = 67

LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio = 3X

AMD K8 Cool and Quiet = Disable



CPU VID Control = 1.45v (gives 1.58V in cpuz and speedfan)

CPU Voltage Adjusting = +0.2v

Chipset Voltage Control = 1.65v (no difference with 1,75V)

Memory Voltage Control = 2.6v (worse with 2.7V)

AGP Voltage Control = 1.6v

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