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Boot problems with iPod plugged in

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OK, my system won't boot when my iPod is plugged in to the USB ports. It detects the CPU and hangs on the memory check.


I've tried every BIOS from the 10/15/04 through the 5/4/05 (latest official as far as I know). None fix the issue. I've tried disabling removable devices as a boot option, enabled KB/external drive USB support and just about anything else related to USB and booting.


I know the 4/15 BIOS was supposed to fix the "USB boot" issue, but it doesn't seem to help with ipods.


Has anyone figured out a fix for this? TIA. :)


EDIT: This occurs with or without any type of OC.

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don't boot with the ipod plugged in, I had the same problem.


Same here. If you're going to start your rig be sure that the ipod is unplugged coz' it will take you a hell lot of time on the "Detecting IDE Drive..." at the BIOS.

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