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Mac is for Gamers?


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I'm a bit confused to. I don't understand what Apple is trying to do. Apple is switching to Intel-processors, which means they'll be closer to the domain of MicroSoft. The talking about Intel being less power-hungry doesn't make any sence to me (ok, if you compare to IBM maybe yes, but haven't they forgot another producer of CPU:s?), at least as a main argument. Is Apple so satisfied with their iPod, so they'll accept to be just one among other PC providers on the market? Another player, Dell, is making movements in the direction of AMD, and does more openly support Linux as an alternative. Something is luring under the surface.

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Look at the list of suggested games tho...



Starwars Battlefront.... We have Battlefront 2 now..

Civ III .... oooh we are on Civ IV right now... isnt released on mac till later this year..

X2 - The Threat... LOL... we are on X3... No release date of X3 on mac


I dont see any Eldar Scrolls : Oblivion

I dont see Quake 4 (not till late 2006 on mac)

I dont see Battlefield 2..


Macs for games are really bad for a few points..


1) Mac's are crap for games.


2) Most people I know with a mac either have a console and/or a PC for games..

Which I really dont understand... as I can run 90% of the mac software on the PC anyways as there are PC versions of them... Photoshop, Macromedia, etc...


4) Waste of money. The amount of money you spend getting that mac you could get an ultra pimped PC for LESS..


Nothing new on that list just makes it obvious... nothing to see here, move along.

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