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Not sure what the problem is, could be anything!

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I could try a complete reinstall once I can get the raid driver disc but last time I tried that (with a slipstreamed disc), I got the same error when I tried to install the .net Framework 2 fix. Here is the list of problems I have currently run across:


Guild Wars won't install properly (keep giving me errors when I try to run it)

Imageshack or Photobucket wont upload images

DivX And VLC (and some other programs which I don't care to remember) won't install (keep getting an error before file transfer)

Battlefield 2 patch won't install (this is still pending as I'm downloading it again to see if it works this time)

Some (or many) windows updates fail to install because of an error






What could be causing these problems? Must I do a complete format AGAIN (this would be my 3rd time)? Is it something with the motherboard?

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