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[RESOLVED} BAD RAM - Freaking out... $2k in parts, no post (3 LEDs lit

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I'm having the same problem as you are Rob.


Won't go past 3 LED's.


Not sure if it's the RAM for me, considering I have 4 matched sticks of RAM.

I tried each one seperately and didn't work. Tried some cheap-o PC3200 RAM, 256MB sticks and it didn't work either (2 sticks).

So coincidentally 6 sticks of RAM that worked 10 minutes prior to hooking up the new mobo, all of a sudden died?


Same stuff, no video, the beeps every few seconds.

3 LED's.

Bare minimum hooked up.


I just got my stuff today and used the RAM from my computer that was turned on and working perfectly fine for over a year (1GB of that RAM is from this past Christmas and working better then ever), 10 minutes prior to hooking up the new mobo and vid card. So I find it difficult that the RAM is the culprit for me. I've done a 12 hour Memtest on the older memory before, works fine.


I'm getting very angry and frustrated at this.

First DFI board, not a great experience for the future. ;)




Seems like a friendly board here, hopefully I'll get my issue resolved and will be sticking around here. So hey to everyone for my first post too :P lol

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Situation resolved. Memory was defective. Rig now posts and RAM clears memtest86+ 24hrs on each stick and the pair together with 0 errors.


Thank you very much to Angry for taking the time to diagnose my hardware. Thank you very much to OCZ for a hassle-free RMA.


FYI - Don't take my experience as indicative of most, or any other, experience. I got into this at a time when I had little time to put towards it and that caused a 2-3 week ordeal to turn into a 4 month process in frustration.


I will note the thread as resolved now and link the first post to this one.


Thanks for everyone's help.





PS - Sig updated to reflect bios version and ram timing/mode.

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Great! Good job finding the problem.


I'm not surprised. My Ballistix would not run on this rig at all, I popped 'em into my son's computer and ran Memtest with no errors. I don't know if the DFI board is just more sensitive to RAM errors, or what the deal is, but my RAM was bad. I still find it hard to believe that it would work fine in one machine, but still be bad. When I RAM'd them to Crucial they verified that the RAM was, in fact, bad.

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