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Lan party ultra b-2600 mobile(IQYHA)


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As the title states I'm selling my beloved lpb:( and mobile 2600.

This combo was 2.7GHZ stable 24/7 for months with my bh5.TOASTER CERTIFIED

$200.00 us for both or $100.00 each. Free shipping if you buy the combo,$10.00 dollars shipping for mobo and $3.00 for the 2600.The ultra b has everything it came with,I kept everything mint I didnt even use the front x.

I will throw in a cooler master blue ice chipset cooler for the SB chip for free you just have to put it on:)

I dont have heat but my ebay name is mott_13 with 100% feedback.

If they dont go soon Im gonna throw em up on ebay,I figured some of you guys might want em so I posted here first.Email or pm me with any questions.








Ship's usps.

Shipping in the USA only.

Paypal and money order's accepted only.

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Just added I have a almost new Danger den TDX socket A water block and a brand new Danger Den Bay High-Density Polyethylene Reservoir.The block goes for $50.00 new and the res is $18.00 new

I will throw in if you buy the mobo+cpu combo...So thats 200.00 for mobo+cpu res and waterblock,Not a bad deal IMO grab them quik before I post em on ebay.


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