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you must get this alot..

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I want to know if there is anything else to be done besides, what the little explaination on the DFI site says.


I'm about to flash my bios to the latest version on the DFI site. and im note sure what alse to do. do i pull the bat at some point or clear the CMOS? which btw i never entered anything into.


would anyone recomened a "non-oficial" BOIS that would be a better pick?

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Ah hah. If we get this a lot then a forum search should uncover your answer with ease. Plus there are 1,000's of very good articles on bios flashing that google turns up with ease. In fact google 4 years ago taught me the switches and procedure that I use today since logical procedures work on any board and 4 years ago I was surely not on a DFI enthusiast board.



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