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RAID1 not working correctly

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I have a new system and testing some uptions.

The 2 Raptors are in a Mirror (RAID1)

The 2 Maxtors are in a Stripe (RAID0)


The mirror is giving the trouble.

I made a mirror in the NF4 RAID-utility

I slipstreamd a new Windows XP2 CD with the NF4-RAID drivers

I have installed Windows

so far so good.


Just to do the test I turned of my system, removed one of the Raptors and turned the system on again. I get a warning from the RAID-utility that the RAID1 is degraded but, as expected, Windows XP is starting.


I create a test-file on my desktop and turn of the computer


I replace the removed HDD and turn on the Computer

No problems so far, the RAID-utility shows up with a healty RAID1 config.

Also Windows boots normaly

One strange thing, the test-file I created is not on de desktop


For the second test I repeat the first test with the other Raptor disk.

New Its really getting strange, the system will not boot to Windows XP. Insteat it boots from CD-Rom. If I remove the CD-Rom it won't boot at al.


In my opinion it should boot normaly to Windows XP.


Is there someting I do wrong?

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