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[RESOLVED]User found INFO>>OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 Gold GX XTC Compa

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AG made a post in the stock speed database with the model below the memory in the thread name:




It looks exactly the same except it doesnt have this EVP technology (allows you to up the voltage to ~2.9V within 5% and not void the warranty) and has different heat spreaders (XTC tech)...


Can't tell if it's the same otherwise since the heat spreaders are glued on.



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Nevermind everyone.. I found a post by an OCZ tech saying they're the same thing and the same timing settings are used. Post is here:








The only difference between those 2 kits is the heatspreader..same IC's and same timings.


We just introduced the new heatspreader so there is a new part number.

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