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Power down and reboot...

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Hi everyone...

I think THIS is my first thread cause last time i blow it -hope this time i don't-!


Let me get to the point, I've run my cpu with prime, memories with mem test and vga with 3dmark 03...no errors no overclocks. The problem takes place while i am sitting in my win xp sp2 home and either the power is down (no ups) without reason or it resets (after pushing it too hard with premiere or game) and coming back with a serious error that have my win recovered -the error only in reboot not after power down-!


I think these are 2 seperate problems and i have no idea what to do. I've checked the cables but nothing, except that in the psu i heared a "power buzzing" and i chaneged the power cable but i do not think i solve the problem...


Well..any ideas...acceptable!

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You have some more information:

BIOS Version and date.

How you are cooling cpu, case, etc.

Power connections on MB all connections made.

Can you reproduce error or is it spontaneous.

Settings in Genie BIOS and DRAM settings.


Any thing that comes to mind and any checks you've made to eliminate

items of hardware that could be a possible cause.


We are available to offer recommendations but it's too vague yet.

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BIOS 2005/06/23 (but dfi site has two with the same name - date and are reffering to dual core with the exception that one is D.F.I and i do not know which one i have)

CPU cooling: Heatsink CPU Thermalright SI 120

with Enermax 120 mm + Fan Control -arctic silver- (at >30 C full

rotation of fan)

CASE: Antec PlusView II 5x80mm fans


(-max-CPU temp 32, chipset 46, GPU 58, ambient 23-35)


no error i can manualy reproduce...By it self only -if i got it right-


the settings in genie and DRAM are default. I will post it later cause i can't be at home now


(if it is the PSU at least i can change it)

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