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MoBo works with Manchester, not with Venice

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Okay, so I bought a little processor update, eager to use the new features. But it doesn’t work! Here’s what happened:


- Winchester 3000+ runs at 9*250, stable as a rock

- Venice 3200+ doesn’t boot (keeps rebooting after bios procedures) at 10*200

- Venice 3200+ does boot at 9*200, but isn’t stable

- Venice does work fine in a completely different system (Asus A8N-VM CSM) at 10*200

- I already installed the latest bios on my LanParty (6.00 PG, 06/23/2005)

- I tried different voltages, starting at default settings, up to about 1.60V (actually 1,25V*1,28 CPU VID Control * CPU VID Special Control, CPU VID Startup Value 1.55V)


So now I am completely lost. Is something wrong with my motherboard? Are there some other bios settings that have to be tweaked? Most of the settings are pretty much like original (except for the memory, which runs at 3-4-3-8-8 according to CPU-Z).


Can anyone help me out?!?


Greetings from the Netherlands!!



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