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Problems burning 2 dvd-r's at the same time.

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The 2 burners (NEC 3550A) are connected to one ide controller each, they are in DMA mode and most of the time everything is working just fine, I can burn 2 dvd's in 4x speed without any problems with dvd decrypter.

But then all of a sudden it will stop working, the buffer will stop being supplied with data fast enough so burn speed drops and flucturates up and down. Even after a reboot this will continue to happen. After a few hours with only burning one dvd at the time it will then work fine again.


I got 3 hdd's, a raptor 74gb and 2x maxtor dm10 300gb and the problems occours burning data from all of them. If I burn from from 2 different hdd's I don't seem to have the problem, thought I have rarely done this so I can't really be 100% sure of it.


First I thought that perhaps the disk just couldn't deliver data fast enough, but I can burn with 16x speed on one of the drives without any problems, and when I got my 2nd burner I burned 2 dvds with 6x without any problems. Besides that I am able to copy 2 full dvd's into the same disk in 5 minutes, that's an average of ~11x speed and the max speed reaches ~15,8x speed. So I don't think it has anything to do with the disks.


So maybe the pata or sata controllers? But since the burners have each their own pata controller and the hdds are on sata controllers that sounds wierd to me but what do I know..


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, KroxX

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