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Pls Help...OC gone wrong :(

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Hi All,


I just tried to OC my PC and all was going well until I got to 270FSB


I dropped the mem to 1:2 and HTT multix4. I was testing in increments of 5Mhz with a 9.0x multi. All was going well until I tried 270


The machine didnt find the SATA HDD so I immediately restarted the machine. But now I cant even get to the BIOS :(


I've tried clearing the CMOS but no joy. With the CD-ROM connected they just continously flash...no beeps, no screen


I've removed everything but still nothing is happening :(


Please help




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When this happens to me, I can usually get back into bios by holding the "insert" key while powering up. If that doesn't work, clear Cmos for at least 10 minutes with battery removed and PSU power off.

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Guest Blooz1

Here is the 'official' DFI way of clearing the CMOS:


1. pull power

2. pull battery

3. clear cmos jumper for minimum of 30-60 seconds

4. replace cmos jumper to normal position

5. replace battery

6. replace power

7. boot to bios and load optimized defaults

8. save and exit

9. boot back to bios and now you can change settings to your liking.


(If that doesn't work, try this way:http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=24)

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Make sure you drop the LDT/FSB multi when you get up around 270 again probably 2.5 since 3x270 nets you 810 which may or may not be stable, (if you didn't this time).


Glad to hear your back at it. These 250 Gb's can take a lot of punishment :nod:

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