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Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My name is Ivan and i am new here,also some bad splig-sorry for that.


The proble is: i buyed headphones ,Majestic 5.1 that i need to connect to usb,i installed all right i even E-mailed the support guy in majestic about this problem,,and afcourse he didnt helpd me.The prob is in Battlefield2 when i play online,the game laggs badly i dont know is it becoz its conflicting with my mouse witch is by the was Mx1000 by Logitech or what.The motherboard tells me that all resources are used by Mb and i cant eve get my game port configured ,witch was an advice from my friend,.When i disconect the headphones .with onboard sound game runs normaly..please help me so i can stop smoking weed mmto calm myself and not brak all the stuff in my house..With respect Ivan for Croatia. :drool:

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