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cd/dvd drive locking computer up

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when i put a cd or dvd in and the drive starts up my system locks up , this is on a new system , everything new , fresh hdd and windows instal. after the instal i was loading up the drivers on the cd my mobo came with and in the middle of it, it said there was an error with one of the data cabs because it was corrupted [ this is form the cd] and it gave me a blue screen and the comp restarted , now after that when i put in cd's with any kind of content on it , it will lock up the system.

im open top any ideas to resolve this [ i also reinstalled the drivers for the cd/dvd rom by downloading them from the company site. ]

any help would be appreciated , thanks

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Try right clicking on My Computer, going to properties, then hardware tab, and device manager. Then check under IDE controllers and you'll see Nvidia IDE controller, you're going to double click on that and go to "Update Driver" then you're going to tell it you'll pick the driver and specify the generic Windows XP IDE Driver.


This cured my problems with CDs working fine on install but when I went to launch them (those that required a CD to be in the drive) they'd hang at the splash screens. If anyone is reading this post with these problems do the above and it will work. I had the same problem with my Asus NF2 board and the Nvidia drivers, it caused problems with Doom 3.


Good luck.

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