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No Boot "Blinking LED"

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Hello I have a problem I have been trying to figure out and I was wondering if

you guys could help.I put my computer together a couple of days ago. On my first boot up everything went fine and I started to load my windows and drivers. When I got to loading my graphics card driver I immidiately hit a blue screen telling me if this is the first time you have seen this restart your computer. I proceeded to do this and havent been able to get it to boot up since then. When I tried to boot the

computer back up the only action I got was the standby power LED blinking in yellow.

I tried to boot up with the basic components and nothing. I have tried switching

out the ram to see if one might have been bad. I have tried clear CMOS (full one offered on this forum for 30 minutes) which didnt work. I am all out of ideas to get this thing working. I would greatly appreciated it if you can give me some insight to what I could be dealing with: bad psu, bad mobo, etc.


Thank You

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do a cmos clear with jumper, use only one stick of ram in the orange slot. and if you can boot into bios load optimized settings, save and exit. and then run memtest on your ram, one stick at a time. you also might need 2.7 volts for that ram...not sure, but it wont hurt that ram.

after that run memtest with both sticks, and if you pass, then you should proceed to load os.

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