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X1800XT aritfacting problems

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Hi I have recently bought and installed the DFI RDX200 mobo and the sapphire X1800XT. Frame rate in games is fine but I am getting a lot of artifacting. I have tried updating and rolling back the drivers many times and Also added more fans closer to the card to help prevent any kind of overheating but this has not solved my problems.


I have been told that the card is most likey faulty was just wondering if anyone else has similar problems with this mobo and an X1800XT


Also i installed the catalyst drivers for the ATi but couldnt seem to install the Xpress200 drivers from the mobo driver disc.


Another problem i have is when booting my machine the boot screen is pretty blurry and seems to be using very few colours.


Thanks for any help

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The issue with the BIOS screen can be easily fixed with the latest beta drivers (link at top of page)


I take it you're not OCing your X1800?


The only artifacting I've had with my powercolor is when using adaptive AA with a couple of games - some edges seem a like thick stitching. Only happens with certain combinations of settings on certain titles.


Maybe it is an idea to check www.rage3d.com - they're a kind of ATI support place.

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Welcome to the forums. :)


Never had any problems at all with my Sapphire card, i had the install problem with the chipset drivers on the Disc, best not to use those ones as they are very old, download the full 5.13 package from the ATi site that includes the gfx card drivers, and the motherboard chipset drivers all in one, thats what i did, and they all installed fine. :)


The full package is here , click on the Drivers and Software on the menu on the left, then Windows XP (if thats what your using), then motherboards with ATi graphics. :)


It does sound like a faulty card though, if you can, try and test it in another machine.

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