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MBM4 and Nvidia


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okay..i installed the MBM5 Nvidia driver 7.2 from http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...6&postcount=397 .


i followed all instructions, but still only one sensor shows.

on the OSD my vid card temps are as shown below..

GPU Core = 44C

GPU ambient= 0C (it is set to custom sensor)

Sensor 21 (memory clock)= 1050C

Sensor 22 (core clock)= 275c


now i know the GPU core and sensor 21 are correct..for the most part..but what about my core clock and ambient temp? my vid card is just under 4 months old so it isnt outdated. thanks for any help in advance.



one more thing. is there a way to set my temps into F but still show the correct clock on sensor 21? right now if i use F then my sensor will convert it and show 1922F..

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