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HELP with 3700+ San Diego


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Sup Guys.


I just build this rig 2 weeks ago.


Fortron BlueStorm 500Watt

AMD Athlon64 3700+

OCZ EL Platinum Rev2 TCCD 2-2-2-5

DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D

EVGA Geforce 7800GT w/copper heatsink

Pioneer DVD-Burner

Zalman CNPS7700-Cu




Currently running at: 1:1 ratio


CPU : 300 x 9 = 2700 mhz @ 1.425 Volt

Ram timing: 2.5-4-3-7 @ 2.9 Volt



Genie BIOS Settings:


FSB Bus Frequency - 300

LDT/FSB Frequency Ration - Auto

CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio - 9

PCI eXpress Frequency - 100Mhz


CPU VID StartUp Value - StartUp


CPU VID Control - 1.425v

CPU VID Special Control - auto

LDT Voltage Control - 1.20v

Chip Set Voltage Control - 1.50v

DRAM Voltage Control - 2.9v


Temperatue: idle 27 celcius, load 37-39 celcius.


I already tried 240 x 12 = 2600 mhz at timing of 2-3-3-5 and its stable. CPU volt is at default, ram is at 2.9 volt.


what do u think? should I go for 2700 or 2600 on tight timing. how can I achieve 2800mhz?


Also how is my Temperature?


CPU - idle 27-29 celcius, load or after playing quake 4 or Counter-strike 37-39 celcius

PWMIC - idle 37celcius, load 39-40 celcius

Chipset: 48 celcius, max I see is 49 celcius?


what is the safest temperature on these chip?

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Hey I just disable Thermal Throtting awhile ago and my temp is drop considerably.

I mean it always around 27-29 celcius, not fluctuating toward 38 anymore.


Usually the temp reach 38 celcius and my fan start to sped up to full speed cause I set it in the BIOS temp > 38, full fan speed. Is there anything wrong with it?

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Anyone? where is everyone gone to?

Hello HanZo, I have only experimented a little bit with lower multi. But I run 11x 263@ 1.59 vcore (from bios). You should try this at lower voltage first. then increase, only if necessary. And while you do this keep your memory at stock speed by using the divider option in dram portion of the bios. Make SURE you look at the definitive overclocking guide here http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823 The sticky for overclocking guide is very useful, you will need it to go to the top.

I suggest you try 150x11 first. at 1.49 vcore. After you get your cpu stable, then you can start finding your memories highest stable clock. from what I have read your memory should overclock very well. But DON"T overclock it until you find how high your cpu will run (stable). AFTER you find your max cpu speed. THEN you should and find your max memory speed.

Also make sure you check out OCZ"s forum http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/index.php so you can find tested O/C ram settings for YOUR ram.

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Well I'm happy with 2.7ghz because I don't want to run on high voltage. I'm already concern with the 2.9v feeding to my RAM. Is it okay to run DRAM 2.9v?


All I'm asking is this. Should I run 240x11 on 2-3-3-5 or 300x9 on 2.5-4-3-7?


I don't want to reach a highest overclock, all I want is to gain enough power without losing too much life span of my components.

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I just try 255 x 11 = 2805 on 5/6 divider, which is ddr333/166 @ 2-2-2-7

Voltage are CPU = 1.475v, DRAM 2.8v


is it better to run it like this? I know my RAM crap out at 240 @ 2-3-3-5 2.8V

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run at whatever you can get stable. I mean the higher you can go the better but be sure it runs stable and be sure that it passes prime95. I'd say run prime for at least a day if you are considering keeping it that high. It doesnt really matter as far as I know about the multiplier being at 10 or 11. If you can get it to run at 11 then do that if not then try 10. It doesnt really matter as far as I know.


Im running a 3700+ San Diego right now and Im only on stock cooling so I just overclocked to 2.4GHz


219 FSB x 11 multiplier

Im running a 1:1 ratio for my ram as well.

My other specs are listed below in my sig.

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RIGHT now I'm running 280 x 10 @ 1.45v on a divider 5/6, DRAM 2-3-3-7 @ 2.8v. Pass SuperPi 32M on 27m 266s. STable


is it better? or worst cause its on a divider of 5/6.


Please great ELDERS, should I keep this or go back to 240 x 11, 1:1, 2-3-3-5 2.8v


And is 2.9v on TCCD too much?

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Ok I'm happy now. I have three option.


1. 300 x 9 @ 1.425v, 1:1 ratio, Ram timing: 2.5-4-3-7 @ 2.9 Volt


2. 240 x 11 @ default volt, 1:1 ratio, Ram timing: 2-3-3-5 @ 2.9 Volt


3. 280 x 10 @ 1.45v, 5:6 ratio, Ram timing: 2-3-3-7 @ 2.8v


Which one should I go for?

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