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Machine hung and now won't re-boot

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I was using my system and it hung, which is odd because it never does. I powered it off and tried to reboot it and now it won't boot.


It hangs with LED 4 on the monitor panel lit and no display


So far I've tried the following.


Clear CMOS.

Remove all cards, drives, etc. except the display card.

Different P/S


Leaving it unplugged for over an hour.


Same result every time. Hung with LED 4 on.



I hope this isn't an RMA but I'm at a loss as what to do. Anyone have any suggestions since reading the forum, it seems I'm not the first person to have this problem with this model board...


edit: Also tried different memory. Same result. My verdict is the board is dead. Impressive reliability on a system that's not overclocked and is less than a year old. :rolleyes:


Anyone know if DFI will cross ship replacements for products that are in warranty?

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