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Corsair ram


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Hallo, writing all the way from Denmark so i hope im understandable. :)


All new to amd64 and amd dfi, used to intel (875P-T), but thinking i had to try since many acheive high oc's and high performance.

I bought some g.skill (i read the ramguide) but it seemed to be unable to run with dividers at all, i could only do 1/1 and that wasn't fast enough since cpu could do 270 mHz and they couldn't.




I bought some Corsair value select 2x512 which worked fine with dividers and overall was ok.

I have a twinx pc3200LL 2x512 v3,1 i didnt bother to try it since i read almost only bad things about Corsair and dfi, but with the value set working....i just might be lucky.

I had a go anyway today and what a blast that is, 270 mHz 1/1 2.5-3-3-7 1T and 2,93 vdimm.


I have a question or 2. :)


1. Is it safe to go with 2,93 vdimm ?

2. These ic's are supposed to be infeneon b5 and somewhat have poor oc powers(around 230 mHz at best), so am i just lucky or aren't they infeneon b5 chips after all ?


thx in advance Torben

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I run Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2Pro with my DFI and I have hit 280/[email protected] everything tight.


As far as the ICs go, can you pull out the modules and check the revision. Because for those timings and speed, they can't be that, they seem to be TCCD or TCCX cause those timings are right for TCCD/TCCX and so is the voltage.

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