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SATA Controller & WinXP patch

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I went to update the latest windows patch and somehow it also updated my SATA controller drivers on its own (I NEVER get hardware updates from winblows for the following reasons).


Ever since it has had graphical issues in BF2. The frame rates will drop into the teens in some cases and the video will sometimes start to go haywire (Didn't have this issue before Win patch).


I removed the update but I can't find the SATA drivers. When I tried to reinstall them from the Mobo CD it just put 3 Dual Channel IDE controllers and 3 primary and secondary controllers and an ATI IDE controller. No SATA! This is a non-raid system btw.


Any ideas or fixes before I do a total reload?

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Have you tried the Sil3114_1205 Non Raid Driver from the DFI downloads page?

My device manager is showing my Sil3114 driver as being Provider: Silicon Image Date: 03/09/2003 Version: if that helps (also run as non-raid). You could also check you Bios settings. I had a problem with my sil3114 initially when I had the Raid drivers installed; it wasn't there. It wasn't until I installed the non-raid driver that it magically appeared with the setting in the bios as just vanilla Sata and the ATI controller set as an IDE device.

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