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SATA wrong channels

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Why is it when I have my System drive plugged into SATA1 everything tells me it is on channel 5?


Why, when all 4 ports are plugged in, does this happen?


SATA1 = Channel 5 = Logical Disk 2

SATA2 = Channel 6 = Logical Disk 3

SATA3 = Channel 2 = Logical Disk 0

SATA4 = Channel 3 = Logical Disk 1


This really screwed up my attempt at installing Dual Boot OS's. I dont understand why everything is switched around.


I briefly searched and scanned the stickies.

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the logical disk ID's Im seeing in Windows XP disk management.


I rearranged things today to at least get them in the order I wanted.


Right now Logical Disk 0 is my 74g Raptor, thats plugged into SATA 4

Logical Disk 1 is my 300g Maxtor, plugged into SATA 1

Logical Disk 2 is my 320 WD, plugged into SATA 2


The channel listings I got from Ubuntu Linux hardware detection.


After the rearrange Linux shows this....


74g = sda = scsi3, plugged into SATA4

300 = sdb = scsi5, plugged into SATA1

320 = sdc = scsi6, plugged into SATA2

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